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Laine Kaleja
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I had to use several strategies to build my ability to focus even for 25 minutes

Woman writing in a notebook next to her laptop.
Woman writing in a notebook next to her laptop.
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It’s not the lack of discipline

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External Motivation vs. Internal Motivation

Dreamer, traveller, believer, coach, writer, reader, empath, INFP, personal development enthusiast, recovering perfectionist.

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Conditional confidence vs. unconditional confidence.

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An essay on how to love yourself genuinely.

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Firstly, Why We Don’t Love Ourselves?

Here is how to make self-talk a game-changer in your life.

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Trying to change things only on a behavioral level does not work.

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You are missing out on your potential if you don't have a vision.

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The key is to not only think yourself into a new experience but also to feel yourself into it.

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We can't solve problems by…

And how most people have it upside down.

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